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The Aliento system set includes:

  • modules with fans (starter set contains 2 modules),
  • a controller,
  • 12 V DC electric power supply adapter.

Installation of the device on radiators of most manufacturers is possible due to flexible holders fixing the modules.

In a situation where the distances between the heating panels exceed those standard for the majority of radiator manufacturers, it is possible to utilize additional accessories available, in order to rectify the difference.

To install the control unit, it is sufficient to remove the radiator’s side cover, lead the power supply conductors through the opening dedicated for the vent outlet, attach the controller to the side cover with adhesive tape (included in the set) and remount the radiator’s cover.

Fan modules are connected to one another with a ”click”, then electric conductors should be connected by connectors of known polarity. The modules should be positioned on the radiator by sliding it from the bottom up between the heating panels.

For radiators 90 cm high, an extension of the fan power cord is necessary (when ordering the set, please mark that it will be mounted to a 90 cm high radiator).

The whole set must connected to the electric socket, using the included power supply adapter, and you can immediately enjoy the significantly improved performance of the radiator. The controller itself is user friendly, and the subtle backlight is not disturbing, even when you wish to relax.

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Click here to download the Mounting & installation instructions of Aliento

Click here to download the Mounting & installation instructions of Aliento Sensor