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ALIENTO is a revolutionary device enhancing performance of traditional panel radiators.

  • Thanks to very quiet fans forcing the air movement, rooms can be efficiently warmed up to the desired temperature.
  • Forced air flow through radiators allows optimal utilization of the energy content of the heating agent.
  • With ALIENTO, enjoyable warmth can be delivered efficiently.
  • Unlike any traditional solutions where only natural warm air convection is used, the Aliento system allows to shorten several times the time required to obtain comfortable temperature in rooms.

The ALIENTO system is a great way to increase the heat output of panel radiators even by 50% relatively to the their nominal capacity.

  • The ALIENTO system is an optimal solution to a very common problem of radiator heat output shortage. Additionally, application of the system might become a cost-saving option to exchanging heaters, after the reduction of the heating system’s parameters usually consequent to modernization.
  • ALIENTO cooperates perfectly with low-temperature heating systems, enabling retaining radiators of compact dimensions in existing heating systems, and introducing such radiators in newly designed ones.
  • Using the ALIENTO system, it is possible to reduce even by more than twenty cm radiator’s length necessary to ensure conditions of thermal comfort in rooms.
  • ALIENTO is a great way to maximally shorten the time needed to warm up rooms, which in turn reduces thermal energy cost.
  • Highly efficient – still silent – ALIENTO module fans guarantee a long and trouble-free operation, while maintaining a high level of acoustic comfort.
  • The unique fixing system, completely hiding modules between radiator panels, does not disturb radiators’ outlines, retaining their original esthetics. The subtle shape of the ALIENTO controller made of high quality plastic, fits perfectly both modern and classic interiors.
  • Intuitive operation of the controller in conjunction with simple installation of the whole ALIENTO system, makes the device very user friendly.