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My daughter is allergic (allergy to dust) – can the use of Aliento affect her health?

Dust particles float in the air also when the heating is provided by a traditional convection radiators. Using Aliento increases the air circulation in the room, but by itself does not produce any dust. Removal of the allergen from the room is the only effective measure to protect against allergies. The Aliento device itself can be fitted with a foam filter (included). Its application would slightly increase the noise generated by the fan modules, but at the same time will limit lifting of dust particles.

In my apartment, cost allocators are installed on the radiators. Will using Aliento increase my bills?

Aliento has not been tested for use with radiators equipped with cost allocators. However, taking into account the operating principles of evaporative (now more and more rare) or electronic cost allocators, there are no reasons for increased heating energy bills. Cost allocators on radiators measure the temperature of the radiator’s panels, and determine the heat consumption on that basis. Through the intensification of heat transfer, Aliento lowers the temperature of convection elements and heating panels, which should lead to a reduction of readings.

Can old cast iron radiators be equipped with Aliento?

Aliento is dedicated for applications with two- or three-panel radiators. The segment design of cast iron radiator design disables the installation od Aliento. This type of radiators also has basic convection elements, which in practice would give only symbolic increase of heat output.

What is the energy consumption of Aliento?

In the Aliento convection converter, 6V to 9V low-voltage fans have been applied. Microprocessor control system optimizes energy consumption for minimal use. As the result, using a set composed of 10 fan modules would incur the cost of a few dollars only, assuming that the device will be used 8 hours per day throughout the heating season, ie. 220-240 days a year. Detailed calculations would depend on the rates of a particular electricity supplier.

Is it required to connect the power to Aliento?

Yes, Aliento is an electric device. To connect, it is only required to ensure that an electric socket is present in the vicinity of the radiator. The power supply adapter included in the set is equipped with a 1.6 m-long power supply conductor. If necessary, you can freely use an extension cord.

Is the Aliento device visible on the radiator?

The device itself consists of a controller, fan modules and a power supply adapter. The adapter with the power supply conductor are located on the floor. They are not too noticeable, and additionally the conductor can be attached to the wall with a mounting strip, available as an option. Fan modules are completely hidden between the radiator panels. The controller is visible, as it is attached to the radiator’s side cover. Its casing in white integrates with standard radiator colours, and the control panel is user-friendly, with subtle backlight.