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What is it?


Aliento convection converter is a device forcing the air flow through radiators, thanks to operation of fans, thus intensifying the heat transfer process in rooms, which in turn leads to a reduction in the time needed to obtain comfortable temperature in rooms.

What benefits does the application of the Aliento system bring?

The Aliento system can increase the radiator’s efficiency even by 50% relatively to the radiator’s nominal heat output.

Using the convection converter, it becomes possible to retain existing radiators in heating systems after reduction of their thermal parameters, or to introduce radiators of compact dimensions in newly designed heating systems.

What does the Aliento system include?

The standard Aliento set includes:

  • a fan module,
  • a controller,Aliento-how-improve-heating
  • a 12 V DC electric power supply adapter,
  • a set of electric cables,
  • user manual.


Depending on the radiator’s dimensions, the standard Aliento set can be developed with successive fan modules.

One controller can regulate the operation of up to 11 fan modules.

Click here to see the demonstration of the system.